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PPS Kids Preschool

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Who We Are

PPS Kids is a renowned preschool with international standards in Amalapuram. We love children and provide a safe, secure, and uniquely beautiful environment for your child to grow and have fun without the fear of being themselves. Fueling the child's experience and instilling confidence in them to communicate and learn is the heart of everything we do because we believe each child is unique and created in the image of God.


Littles ones of age 2-3 can find a place away from home where they are cared and loved for. Little ones are given play time, rest time and an area to explore and discover the world and things around them. 


We bring the smile on your child's face and the joy of childhood learning because that's where our strength comes from. Our trained staff guide activities that encourage exploration, curiosity, and collaboration, laying a strong foundation for future success and lifelong learning.



We provide early childhood education to children typically between the ages of 4 and 6 where we focus on social, cognitive, and emotional development through play-based learning. Children are cared for and helped to prepare them for primary school by fostering social skills, introducing basic academic concepts, and promoting physical and language development.

Our Approach

PPS Kids is a place and family where we foster a love for learning and encourage children to explore the world around them. Our Preschool caters for students from ages 3 - 5.

Our curriculum is theme-based which means the learning involves structuring the curriculum around specific themes or topics. These themes can be interdisciplinary in nature, incorporating various subjects such as science, social studies, language arts, and more. The goal of theme-based learning is to make learning more meaningful and relevant by connecting concepts to real-world contexts. 

What Parents Say

The school conducts Open House events which help me as a parent to understand what happens in the class and how my child is developing and growing. My child has grown and become very confident. He is very eager to know new things now and he asks us a lot of questions. The school has really helped in building his confidence and he has improved in his skills too

Mounica Chinnam

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