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Handwriting in the techno age:

Here are a few reason why it is so important for our children to be taught handwriting skills regardless of the fact that we have entered into the age of technology.

According to Bunty McDougall "So many parents who sit in front of me ask the same, very reasonable question: “Surely handwriting isn’t important any more, now that we have computers and tablets? Won’t all our children be using some form of technology in the place of handwriting?” The answer to this is that, in this country, the majority of children won’t be privileged enough to have the resources that allow them to use laptops or other devices during their exams. But it is about so much more than availability of resources. Even for those who have beautiful tablets and laptops, we are learning that doing away with handwriting is sacrificing so much more than just the hand written word.

Even where iPads, laptops and other technology is readily available there is, across the world, a move to the return of good old fashioned penmanship and the teaching of handwriting skills. And this isn’t just a fad; it is based on research that is showing us that handwriting is so much more than we ever realised, and that putting it on the back burner is compromising our children’s foundational scholastic development across many areas."

Five reasons why handwriting is so important:

1.) Handwriting is an evaluation tool.

2.) Handwriting is a learning tool.

3.) Early pre-handwriting skills in preschool (early years) have an impact on reading and maths performance in grade 2.

4.) Good handwriting skills are directly related to improved writing and composition skills throughout primary school.

5.) Handwritten notes improve conceptual learning in students in tertiary education.



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