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What are the benefits of the creative arts?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Children are amazing, intellectual beings with so much to learn and even more to offer to the world.

Why does my child enjoy drawing, painting, writing, music, dancing so much?

Why are there world wide courses at universities offered for the creative arts?

Your child is a creative being, just as you yourself are also. Everyone is creative in different ways and this results in incredible infrastructures, works of art, timeless pieces of music, incredible cultural dances, cuisine, composition of music, engineering and more that is ever evolving due to creativity.

The importance of encouraging, inspiring and giving opportunity for your child to be creative, moulds the foundation of endless impact on the future of civilisation and the workings of their world to come. Your child will be apart of creating new jobs, engineering projects, medications, technologies and more. It all starts with creativity and connecting thought patterns through expressing oneself through art. So encourage your child to pick up a pencil or paint brush, dance to a tune or mould pay dough, lets encourage the benefits of the Creative Arts.

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