A Lively Learning Experience

PPS Kids caters for children from two to five years of age and offers a dynamic and creative environment tailored to meet the needs of your child.

At PPS Kids we believe that children develop best in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and fun. We believe in creating environments that are intrinsically stimulating and engaging so that our children have sufficiently challenging and motivating activities every day.

- Children have the right to learn in an environment that is safe, secure, stimulating and free from bias.

- Children should be accepted, respected and valued. Their voices should be heard.

- Learning can happen anywhere at any time.

We are great believers in the critical importance of the environment in creating an atmosphere conducive to spontaneous and planned learning. PPS Kids is one of the best schools you can find in Visakhapatnam for your kids.

Madhavadhara, Chinna Waltair & Seethammadhara 

+91 96525 22799 / +91 88862 12189

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